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Hey, Wolfketeers!  Long time, no howl.

I have exciting news, I hope:  I have a new story for the first time in over a year.  In fact, plenty of people do!  A whole pack of us has been hard at work on a project called Werewolves Versus.  It's an all-werewolf quarterly, and you can pay whatever you want for it.  It just came out a few hours ago.

Please check it out here and let me know what you think.


Just thought I'd throw this out there:  anyone want to swap a three-month subscription before mine runs out?  It's not a huge priority right now, but I'd resubscribe if I could buy my own as in olden days.

Hopeful to set aside time to write in July,

Who doesn't love a good word puzzle?  Here's one.
So, I went to extend my Premium Membership and discovered a change in policy.  It's no longer possible to purchase a Three Month Premium Membership for oneself, only for someone else.  I've already paid for the points.  Is there anyone I can buy a Three Month Premium Membership in exchange for buying me one?  I'd really appreciate it.


Been awhile!

First, thank you to TheBrokenBride and neurotype for the Daily Deviation on Dinner Guest! Certainly unexpected and much appreciated.

Second, I anticipated a new story last week but got interrupted and have yet to recover my muse. It was more character sketch than story anyway. In the meantime, I put up something old and a bit different.

Third, just want to say how grateful I am for my little pack. Not every grown man gets encouragement to talk about werewolves, which is a shame.

All right, time to brush my fangs before bed.

To everyone who hasn't mentioned the Mayans this week.


Nevertheless, I relented and registered a Twitter account. I hope I can make it howl instead of tweet.

No one I added received any sort of notification. Whether or not I already added you, feel free to add me, although I'm admittedly more in my element here.

And for those of you wondering, my element is roentgenium.
Hey!  With 2011 over, I have plenty of people to thank before I can start 2012 with a clear conscience.

First, thanks to Halatia for the Daily Deviation on Five Misconceptions!  Thanks also to anyone who suggested it to her, and everyone who left a comment or favorite.  I certainly never expected it and feel very fortunate for the support.

Second, thanks to SilverWerewolf09 for the premium membership!  I'd always wanted one, but for a fellow writer I'd just met to give me one out of the blue made my jaw drop.

Third, thanks to draysonite and Toledo-the-Horse for Joey Liverwurst, Werewolf!  They surprised me with it last Wednesday, and I'd do almost anything to keep my coat looking that shiny.

In addition, I have three stories in the works, all of them holiday-themed; I promise to post them as soon as possible.  I'm grateful for all the friends I've made here and hope I can continue to give back as much as I get.


Hello, boys and girls.  Hope you're having a swell summer, or winter in the other hemisphere.

I've never done coming attractions or even journal entries here before, but I just wrote the rough draft of a summertime story and want to put that out there so it doesn't remain only a rough draft forever and ever.  It's different from my other stuff, but we're not talking high literature all of a sudden.

Anybody care to collaborate on a story before year's end?

Mushy stuff,